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Most people will acknowledge a certain level of physical clutter in their lives. It might be as simple as a messy closet or an overfilled garage. Or it could be something more unnerving, such as your entire house bordering on a hoarder disorder. Either way, it’s probably fair to assume that many people in modern twenty-first century society have more possessions than they can easily organize and store away.

However, these days, clutter isn’t just about the stuff that fills our closets, garages and all the vacant spaces in between. Clutter can also be a byproduct of your mental and emotional condition. Feeling overwhelmed by too much to accomplish and not enough time, turbulent relationships with people that are close to you and excessively overthinking about scenarios, as if they are imminent but realistically have no relevance, could all produce anxiety.

The disorganization of your home may not be a representation of the other aspects of your life. In fact, those coworkers who so often rely upon you for assistance because of your work ethic and organizational skills may be quite shocked to see the disorder associated with your clutter.

At a glance clutter may appear as the problem. However, a deeper understanding of a person’s condition may reveal that clutter is not the problem, but a symptom of something else. It could be a result of depression, which has been known to demotivate individuals. If you are suffering from depression the drive to put items in their proper place and, or dispose of them may be sapped from you. Also, for those that suffer from anxiety, the possibility of experiencing a panic attack is a very real probability. One way to combat these attacks is to mentally go into a happier place, and what can aid in this process are visual affirmations.

Look closely at person’s clutter and you may see items which act as reminders of a happy time for them. Those little trinkets and chotskies from vacations, wedding receptions and night out with friends, that many of us store in a chest to be fondly reminisced on occasion, are prominently displayed for those that may have a propensity for panic attacks, brought on by feelings of anxiety. Those shot-glasses, refrigerator magnets and figurines are on constant exhibition, in excess to extract warmhearted moments.

While there’s probably little that can done about the fast pace of the world. There are ways you can take control of the clutter that plagues your life and restore a sense of harmony to your physical and mental space.

Consider a whole house purge of unused and unwanted items. Devote a day, or a week if your situation warrants it, and shed old clothing, anything in closets that takes up space and gets little or no actual use. Discard anything that distracts from a comfortable living space. Enlist all members of the household in this task. Clear off counter tops and floor space. Make sure anything that stays has a regular storage space and that it is returned to that space after each use.

Do your best to eliminate toxic relationships from your life. People who do not mesh with your way of life are a major source of emotional clutter and anxiety. While you can’t create a perfect world of like-minded souls, you do need to recognize people for who they are and find a tolerable common ground.

Take charge of the technology in your life. Limit the time you choose to devote to your electronic devices. Make sure your bedroom is a place of rest, not a place to conduct business or check on the latest viral sensation. Technology has created a world where life goes on twenty-four hours a day. It’s up to you to put the brakes on the constant inrush of information and chronic demands for instant responses.

Once you have succeeded in removing the clutter from your physical and mental life, you need to work to keep it from returning to haunt you again. This requires a level of vigilance. Any time you start to get that anxious feeling welling up inside you, take a moment to reflect and look at every positive aspect of your life. Consider what you are grateful for, like family or your health or maybe your friendships. Identify them when your spirits are up and recall them when needed.

Lastly, you should periodically take a mental inventory of your life and ask yourself questions which are relevant to your happiness. Such as, is your clutter taking over your living space? Are you wrestling with toxic relationships that drain the enthusiasm from your life? Are the technology demons overwhelming you? When you can recognize the signs and know what you have to do to manage your anxiety, you will already be on the path to taking control of your life.

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