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So many people wait to attain their inner Happiness. They wait as though life provides a forever propitious appointment for self-joy. People, let’s be clear, the saying “Time is the only thing you can’t get back’, is so true. You can’t recapture moments, so every day you waste by not being in pursuit of your happiness, is a day and opportunity gone forever.

I realize upon reading the first paragraph, you’re probably thinking… ‘duh, but that’s easier said than done’. Well of course it is! If it wasn’t there wouldn’t be so many miserable people. However, we’re here to help you navigate your way to your happiest-self by offering a few recommendations that we believe will place you on the correct path.

Separate What Is Important From What Is Not

While lying on your deathbed, it’s unlikely you’ll spend your last moments fretting about insignificant things like wearing white after Labor Day or how many calories are in lite beer. Instead, you’ll spend your last moments considering the missed opportunities to experience your life to the fullest. You’ll contemplate how you could have spent more time with your family and followed your dreams.

That’s because when there is no pressure on us to hurry, we allow unimportant matters to occupy our time. In fact, most times we prioritize and give insignificant chores more credence over what really matters to us. So to combat that, take a stand and say from this day onward, “I will use my time to do what matters most and I will have no regrets later.”

Give Up Worrying

People have a tendency to look towards the future, but focus on the past. Which is fine unless your past is filled with negativity. Mostly, they contemplate timeframes other than their current reality in order to worry. Fretting about what has happened is pointless since you can’t change anything. Plus, making up negative fantasies is insane.

Did you know your worries rarely come to fruition? Which means you make yourself unhappy and stressed out for no reason. It’s time to recognize worrying is a waste of life. Focus on the moment and you’ll have less anxiety and a lot more joy.

Don’t Bother with Drama

Drama is only useful if it’s in a movie. Real life drama is painful and distracts you from fun. Opt out of petty quarrels and struggles to impress; they bring you unease and drag you off the path to happiness. When others throw down the gauntlet and wait for you to charge into battle, remember you own your happiness thus you have a choice so choose not to engage with them

Appreciate What You Have

Wanting more than you have is part of human existence. People are designed to strive to improve. However, you are also built to experience great satisfaction and fulfillment by recognizing what you already have. Count your blessings and revel in your abundance.

Remember it does not always have to be something of monetary value. Your appreciation can come from the fact that someone loves you, or you have an amazing job, or there’s a beautiful sunset in view. Focus your appreciation for what you makes you feel joyful and your happiness will engulf you

Pay Attention To Your Best Qualities

You can think about how dissatisfied you are with yourself, or you can pour attention into what makes you shine. The outcome stemming from your choice will have an impact on your happiness. Concentrate on your best qualities and your confidence will increase. Additionally, when you feed your finest characteristics, they will grow. The result will be a step toward being the best version of yourself.

Listen To Your Desires

Once in a while, a brilliant idea pops into your head. You think of writing a novel, painting a picture, or traveling somewhere exciting. Or, you entertain another possible source of joy and accomplishment that would improve your happiness. However, a few seconds later, you let the idea go. You make excuses for why now isn’t the right time, and your dream remains on the back burner gathering dust. The next time you get the urge to do something brilliant, take action. Behave as though you must grab your idea firmly and make use of it before it escapes forever.

See The Big Picture

There are moments in life when you become embroiled in little fracas that seem important at the time. Someone shouts at you or pushes in front of you, in the line at the market this can trigger irrational anger that ruins your day.

The good news is it’s possible to shift your perspective, as though panning backward to take in the big picture. From such an angle, you can see how an event means nothing if you choose not to give it energy. Opt to see the big picture when trifling incidents threaten to steal your well-being and there will be more room for joy.

Let Go of the Past

Everyone has opportunities to take events from their past and use them to hamper their happiness for the rest of their lives. The majority do, while others leave their harsh childhood, lack of education or whatever else could be a problem behind them.

Gather gems of wisdom from your background and let anything of less value go. When you release the past, you have fewer reasons not to excel and thrive, yet you have more power to make yourself happy.

Please Yourself

Are you a people-pleaser? Most folks look to others for approval so often they forget to contemplate how to please themselves. You might have worked hard to make a terrific impression, but still not feel entirely happy. What’s more disconcerting is that your efforts may not even be appreciated.

Start pleasing yourself and people you’ll benefit from knowing will be drawn to your healthy self-image. When you take care of your needs, you become attractive and aren’t burdened by the constant need to impress.

Embrace Meaning In Your Life

What gives your life meaning? Studies show having a sense of purpose is one of the greatest differences between people who love life or are unhappy. Do you have strong beliefs about why you exist and what you are here to accomplish?

Whether you consider yourself spiritual, religious, or believe only in science, it doesn’t matter. As long as you recognize something greater than yourself as a force in the universe and realize you have a part to play in the world, you can derive a sense of purpose.

Unexpected happy moments thrown your way by life’s unpredictability will come and go without your attention. However, the power to maintain a constant flow of probable joy is within your control. Opt in to increase actions that feed happiness and avoid those that make you unhappy and you’ll reach your aim.

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Judge Orders Independent Investigation of Jussie Smollett Case
Marijuana Use Increasing Among Pregnant Women
Grand Jury Indicts Cardi B Over Strip Club Fight
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CC Sabathia Makes MLB History With 250th Career Win
Dealing With The Stress Caused By Their Military Deployment

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